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Create now a stylish and super informative blog with Noor WordPress Theme and
share the latest news and your thoughts with the whole world.


Tell your stories with a professional design.

NOOR has clean and practical design, focusing the reader’s attention on what is truly important: the content. Blog followers will enjoy an online experience that is second to none.
The ease and amount of options to choose from will surely make your blog stand out from the crowd. First impressions matter, and no one can deliver as graceful and stylish a first impression for a blogging website as NOOR can!


All The Features You Need

AMP Fully Compatible
Accelerated mobile pages for early instant loading and more engaging experience on mobile and desktop.
SEO Optimized
SEO optimized theme for a positive user experience and an improved rank in the search engines.
Support GIF Thumbnail
Noor supports GIF images natively for a superb end-user experience without extensions or plugins needed.
Unlimited Header Styles
Change the position and size of logo, navigation and icons and build custom unique and creative header.
Fully customisable Layouts
With the ability to choose pre-made layouts you can create custom layouts and use any of the provided element.
Hight Speed Performance
Noor will help you to achieve high Google’s PageSpeed score and it’s enough to make your website fast.
Customizable Ads Spots
Ability to add multiple and custom ads spots via the customizer and by using
the ad widget
AdBlock Detector
Built in AdBlcok Detector for all major adblocking browser extensions on all major web browsers.

Clean Design & Easy to Customize

The modern look of Noor theme is the perfect solution for various industry websites. From travel to fashion and everything in between, Noor brings beauty and unique designs combined with quality performance and stability to any type of blog.

Noor keeps things simple and minimal so your
content can do the talking.

Choose from five different posts layout
styles and two different element hover styles

Display your latest, featured or most popular
posts in the beginning of your blog page with the help of
big grid element.

Control Your Post Details

Noor has been outfitted with a series of options, styles, layouts and widgets that make your website a natural at blogging, with dedicated features and tons of custom post types, incredibly capacity for visual and experiential customization, and much more under the surface.

Post details can be as unique as you want you can also keep a similar look throughout every post you create. The post details page has the ability to be customized via Blog Page Options.

With NOOR you can specify which categories to show on a certain page and you can create an unlimited number of different posts.


Highly SEO Optimized Theme

Noor has great SEO performance assure the placing of your project pages
highly on the relevant rankings.

AMP Fully Compatible

The Accelerated Mobile Pages project enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms.

Web pages in the AMP format load near instantly, giving users a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile and desktop.


Mobile Friendly

Noor have fully embraced hand-held devices, and they allow users to craft mobile-friendly sites. Your pages will seamlessly adapt to any screen size, web browser, or operating system.


Control ads banner placement

Control the placement of the advertisement without any third party plugin, you can choose the position from the customizer, widget or a special shortcode for such feature.

  • Add custom ads or Ads shortcode via the customizer with the ability to activate ad block detector.

  • Three widget styles for custom banner size, 125 x 125 banner size, and for Adsense Code

  • Banner shortcode allow you to control the style of your advertisement.


Start telling your stories with
a professional design